Finding a Home in Canada A Guide for Newcomers


Image by: unsplash

Finding a place to live in Canada is one of the first things a newcomer must do. While buying a home has become easier due to new policies and economic conditions, the majority of newcomers initially rent. There are many resources available for renting, such as searching for "For Rent" signs or using online platforms like, Zumper, or PadMapper. Other options include the classifieds section of local newspapers or online listings, bulletin boards, local libraries, and immigrant settlement agencies. When looking to buy, common tools include, private real estate agencies, classifieds, and local settlement services. The different types of housing available in Canada include apartments, single-family detached, duplexes or triplexes, townhouses, and rooms.

Housing scams can also be a concern, so newcomers must be careful when searching. Scammers may ask for money before showing the property or ask for personal information, and they may be reluctant to show the property in person. Before signing a lease or contract, individuals should make sure to verify that the landlord or seller is legitimate, read the agreement thoroughly, and ask questions if anything is unclear.

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