London couple hillside home at risk after garage demolished due to foundation cracks and fissure


Image by: unsplash

A London couple is concerned about the safety of their hillside home after a detached garage had to be demolished due to cracks in the building's foundation and a fissure in the backyard. Scott and Andrea Ysebert hired professionals to investigate the cause of the movement, but so far, no one knows why the hillside has moved so far, so quickly. The couple is also concerned about their house, which occupies the same property, as pavement has already started to lean downhill and a fissure has opened up in the backyard. City officials are working with the Yseberts to solve the issue, but the homeowners are responsible for all costs. The Yseberts live in a modern home built-in 2017 and sold in 2020, with a list price of $2 million. The property was assessed at $754,000 in January. The first sign of trouble appeared earlier this month after two intense storms, with thunder, lightning, and almost 40 millimetres of rain. The couple hired a landscaping company, a general contractor, and a geotechnical engineer, and a building inspector issued a property standards violation on April 11, with a safety order the following day. City Hall issued a demolition permit on April 13, forcing the couple to demolish the garage to ensure the safety of the neighbourhood below.

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